Monday, September 30, 2013

Off/On Topic: Iggy Azalea for Nylon Magazine

If anyone could summarise the way I feel about fashion,
it would be Iggy.

This is a little different to what I would normally write about. It's not specifically about movies, but it is about fashion, and once you hear what Iggy has to say about fashion, you might agree that it is very relevant.

Thus, it's Off/On Topic.

I haven't had the chance to purely express this yet, but I love Iggy Azalea. Her music, her style, everything.

So I read an interview with Iggy for, and when asked about the role that fashion plays in her art, she responded:

I think it’s really important—fashion. But, I love fashion in the costume-y way. Not to say that how I dress is a costume—I would dress like this any day—but I love movie characters, and I love the fashion of costumes and characters more than I’d like to look at a runway. I think I feel more inspired by movies than I do by watching Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. That’s just how I honestly feel. So, I think fashion is important because fashion is clothing, but I don’t necessarily think seasonal fashion is important. I think just finding moments in clothing and looks, and creating characters and stories through clothing is important.

Pure genius. This pretty much sums up why I write this blog.

Thank you, Iggy.

(Read the full interview here).

P.S. If you haven't already, seriously watch Iggy's music video for "Change Your Life".

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