Monday, March 25, 2013

Teenage Rebellion: The Girls of All I Wanna Do / Strike!

There's not much better than a movie made in the '90s about girls in the '60s.

I remember seeing this film for the first time when I was about fifteen years old. Back then, I'm pretty sure it was called Strike! but I think it's now referred to as All I Wanna Do (1998). Strange.

Either way, this film is fantastic. It's about an all girls boarding school back during a time when it wasn't "boy, girl, boy, girl", but rather "boy on top of girl" (watch the film and then you'll understand). Perhaps more importantly, it was made during a time when Kirsten Dunst and Rachael Leigh Cook were still relevant. It was a much simpler and happier time.

I just can't get over all the amazing dresses they wear. It's like spring time, all the time. 

Everything is just so aesthetically pleasing. It makes me happy...

...and then angry because it's still winter, even though we're almost in April.


Thank you.

P.S. Make sure you pay attention to Tinka (played by Monica Keena). She's the slut of the group, but she has an awesome name and wears the best clothes.

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