Sunday, August 25, 2013

Teenage Rebellion: Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood in Thirteen

Body piercings and ripped tops will always be stylish.
(Trashy, but stylish).

Thirteen (2003) is one of those classic coming-of-age films that is not only tragic and realistic, but wickedly cool and stylish.

Tracy Freeland (a.k.a. Evan Rachel Wood) starts out as any normal thirteen-year-old girl: she does her homework, she's nice to her mother, she plays with Barbies... and she has rather poor taste in clothes. Enter the most popular girl in school, Evie Zamora (a.k.a. Nikki Reed). Evie's style can be summarised with the phrase "picture downtown L.A. in the early noughties"; low-rise jeans and corset-style tops, essentially.

When the two become besties, Tracy begins to adopt Evie's style and mannerisms. Whilst excessively slutty and inappropriate (both style and mannerisms), I cannot help but love all of it.

Though perhaps the style should only be worn once past the age of eighteen.

P.S. This film came out ten years ago. If we thought the girls were bad back then, we should be traumatised by them now.

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