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Defining Style.


  1. A stylish film/character specifically relating to the culture, history or geography of America.
  2. Example of use: "Kristen Stewart's look in On The Road is classic old-school Americana."
  3. Example films: Dick, Bobby

A Look in History

  1. A reminder of the release of a significantly stylish film in history.
  2. Example of use: "Let's have A Look in History of this film."
  3. Example films: N/A. 

Cartoon Villain

  1. A villainous character in a cartoon film that portrays an amazing sense of style.
  2. Example use: "Cruella de Vil is the ultimate Cartoon Villain."
  3. Example films: 101 Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty

Costume Drama

  1. A film that incorporates costumes and style that prelude the 1900s.
  2. Example of use: "That film was a standard Costume Drama."
  3. Example films: Elizabeth, Pride & Prejudice, Anna Karenina, Titanic

Cult Status

  1. A film/character which has developed a stylish cult following.
  2. Example of use: "That look has definitely received Cult Status."
  3. Example films: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Valley of the Dolls

Fashion Fail

noun or adjective;
  1. A character or film whose portrayal of style is tedious.
  2. Example of use: "There wasn't a single appealing outfit in that film. It was a Fashion Fail."
  3. Example films: Spring Breakers

Hot Mess

  1. The ability to display a fantastic sense of personal style, despite having a problematic or detrimental lifestyle.
  2. Example of use: "Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl was a Hot Mess! She was a drug addict, but had the most amazing clothes."
  3. Example films: Factory Girl, The Virgin Suicides

Love Fest

  1. A film that mainly encompasses themes relating to love (and style).
  2. Example of use: "Pretty Woman was a total Love Fest of style."
  3. Example films: The Notebook, Pretty Woman, any Rom-Com

Off/On Topic

  1. Any piece of work that is not a film, but which relates to themes of style or fashion in films.
  2. Example of use: "This is a little Off/On Topic, but her looks in that music video reminded me of a certain film."
  3. Example pieces: Music videos, interviews, editorial photoshoots, advertisements

Psycho Chic

  1. An admirable sense of style, whilst displaying characteristics of psychotic or otherwise unusual behaviour.
  2. Example of use: "That character was crazy, but she had such a Psycho Chic look to her that I loved."
  3. Example films: Girl, Interrupted, Blue Jasmine

Queen Bees

  1. A "look" that generally reflects that of the stereotypical popular girls in high school.
  2. Example of use: "The Plastics's all have Queen Bees style."
  3. Example films: Mean Girls, Jawbreaker


  1. The act of recognizing a somewhat well-known style figure in a film in which they are given a brief cameo/role.
  2. Example of use: "Spotted! Did you notice that was a cameo?"
  3. Example films: N/A.

Teenage Rebellion

  1. A film in which the main character or set of characters are rebelling against the norm in their given society (whether intentionally or unintentionally), sometimes by use of fashion.
  2. Example of use: "That character's look screamed Teenage Rebellion."
  3. Example films: Easy A, The Breakfast Club

That Dress

  1. A film in which the only memorable representation of style is often limited to a single ensemble (though in some films, it is more than one).
  2. Example of use: "Otherwise, that film would have been a Fashion Fail, if it wasn't for That Dress."
  3. Example films: Too many to list.

The Classic

  1. A sense of style mainly includes simple, yet classic wardrobe staples, such as the white shirt and black trousers.
  2. Example of use: "Her look was simply put, The Classic."
  3. Example films: The Holiday

The Dark Approach

noun or adjective;
  1. A film in which the main character's dark sense of style often stems from dark personal issues; or a style that mainly consists of dark clothes.
  2. Example of use: "She definitely took The Dark Approach with the black leather jacket and black jeans."
  3. Example films: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Icon

  1. A character whose look is either so iconic that it is instantly recognizable, or it is so stylish that it should be iconic.
  2. Example of use: "Holly Golightly is The Icon."
  3. Example films: Too many to list.

The Inspiration

  1. A character or film that portrays such incredible representations of style that one ought to apply them to their own style in real life.
  2. Example of use: "Katniss Everdeen is currently The Inspiration."
  3. Example films: Too many to list. 

Top Ten

  1. A compilation of Top Ten style.
  2. Example of use: "I'm going to make a Top Ten of the most iconic style icons from the '90s."
  3. Example films: N/A.

TV Takeover

  1. An occurrence when the style in a television series becomes equally important as that in films.
  2. Example of use: "Mad Men has created a TV Takeover for me."
  3. Example TV shows: Mad Men, Sex & the City, Gossip Girl

Wasted Potential

  1. A character or film that could have become iconically associated with fashion and style, but failed to hit the mark.
  2. Example of use: "Eva Green in Dark Shadows could have been so stylish, but it didn't work. Such a Wasted Potential."
  3. Example films: Dark Shadows, Don Jon

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