Thursday, March 7, 2013

Love Fest: The Notebook

What does a girl in love dress like? Actually, forget that. 
What does a woman who has given up on love dress like?

I feel like it is times like these when clothes really matter. Either when you're in love, or just out of love, style makes all the difference.

Under ordinary circumstances I might say that women dress better when they are in love and happy, because true style comes from within.


Now that I am bitter, angry, and all-round pissed off, I feel different. When women do not need to worry about selfish boyfriends, they have time to reflect on their clothes and style. Instead of agonizing "Where is this relationship going? Is it me? Does he love me?", they are free to wonder "Where is my look going? Is it me? Do I love it?"

It is a much better situation.

Let's look at Rachel McAdams, a.k.a. Allie, in The Notebook (2004). She undoubtedly has fantastic style throughout the film. 


When she's with Ryan Gosling, she's cute, sure. Lots of rompers and sweet dresses, paired with sweet cardigans. But when she grows up a little and realizes she's much better off without him, her style evolves. Enter the fabulous hats and gloves and gowns. 

It's too bad she got back together with him in the end. She had so much potential.


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  2. I bet if Ryan gosling met me he would build me a house


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