Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cult Status: Lisa Marie in Ed Wood

Anyone who dresses like Morticia Addams is a goddess to me.

Ed Wood (1994) is by far my favourite Tim Burton film. It's quite un-Tim Burton-esque, which is probably why I love it so much.

And also because of Vampira (a.k.a. Lisa Marie, a.k.a. my ultimate inspiration).

If I had been working in Hollywood in the '50s, I would hope to have been Vampira. She is not only a style-inspiration, but a life-inspiration for me. 

Not only does she have amazing dresses, but she is extremely pale, wears dark make-up, has long blonde hair (but wears a black wig) AND carries an umbrella outside when the sun is shining (which is something I should start doing during the summer).

Vampira embodies everything fabulous the world has to offer.

You know what's even more fabulous about Vampira? The real-life Vampira was a Finnish woman. 

Yes. She is basically me (although exponentially more glamorous and chic).

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