Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Dark Approach: Emmy Rossum in Beautiful Creatures

Finally, a witch who embraces the gothic.

Beautiful Creatures is supposed to be the "new" Twilight. It's based on the first novel of the Caster Chronicles series (which I have no intention of reading), which is set in a small town in the south, and has a brooding lead female character who falls in love with some guy in her class. But, instead of vampires, the story focuses on a family of witches (but they prefer to be called casters). 


Even though the Twilight series is quite rubbish, it manages to create some dramatic tension. This film did not. 

The only thing I loved when watching this was Ridley Duchannes, a.k.a. Emmy Rossum. She's an evil bitch witch, with a killer wardrobe. Lots of lace, lots of sheer, lots of black.

This is how witches should dress. You hear that, Angelique?

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