Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hot Mess: Julianne Moore in A Single Man

Do you ever feel like you'll end up sad and alone,
with nothing but your amazing style?

Well, maybe not completely alone. At least you'll have your GBFF (a.k.a. the gay BFF).

You'll call him during the day, from your bed, when you're at your most vulnerable; no make-up, no fancy dress, and your hair is a mess. Then you'll get all dolled-up when he comes over for dinner, and you two smoke, eat, drink and smoke some more together. And maybe when you're completely hammered, you two will dance.

Life could be worse. You could be that young blonde girl who dresses all in black, and hangs out with her tan GBFF, both of whom appear whimsically unaware of what lies ahead of them.

Wait, is this film my past and future?

Although the genius fashion designer, Tom Ford, directed A Single Man (2009), it was costume designer Arianne Philips who created the wonderful looks. She also worked on Girl, Interrupted (1999) and Walk the Line (2005). She seems to understand the wardrobe of complicated women. Good for her.

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