Friday, April 4, 2014

Teenage Rebellion: Emma Stone in Easy A

"A" is for Awesome.

Easy A (2010) is one of those teen-flicks that is both hilarious and genius, especially when it comes to criticising social conventions surrounding teenage girls and the way they think. It's kind of like Mean Girls (2004) in that sense. And just like Mean Girls, it presents some very interesting notions concerning high school attire.

For instance, did you ever dress a certain way, just to piss people off? Or do you still?

Even after the almost mandatory goth/emo/rocker phase of wanting to piss off your parents in order to assert your "I don't care what you, or society thinks about me"-attitude, it's quite common to transition into the "Just because you think I dress like a slut, does not mean that I am a slut"-phase in order to rebel against the misogynistic members of society.

That's why this film is so brilliant. How many times did a teacher and/or principal pull you aside and tell you that your clothes are "a little inappropriate because they send out the wrong message"?

Olive (Emma Stone) is a clever, funny, not-so-popular high school girl who gets branded a slut as soon as a rumor starts escalating about her losing her virginity. Instead of shying away from the controversy and going through the undoubtedly unsuccessful effort of clearing her name, she decides to "dress the part" and wear what she thinks people around her expect a slut to wear; corsets, mainly. What ensues is rather ridiculous.

Because, as we all know, once you start dressing like a slut, that's when you've become one.

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