Friday, August 9, 2013

Cartoon Villain: Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians

"My only true love, darling. I live for furs. I worship furs!"

No matter what anyone says, Disney's animated films are just as good now as they were when you were a child. In fact, they're probably better now. Why? Because when you were younger, you missed out on some of the greatest aspects of these films. 

Case in point: Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians (1961).

Weren't we all afraid of her when we were children? She was that evil, creepy-looking woman who wanted to kill the cute puppies. What a bitch.

However, now it's slightly different. Sure, she's still that evil woman who wants to kill puppies for a fur coat. But she's fabulous. She wears red elbow-length gloves, matching kitten heels, an LBD, and of course a massive fur coat, whilst waving her cigarette holder aggressively through the air, screaming "Darling!". 

Her best friend's husband also wrote a song about how evil she is. Is that simply because she's single, strong-minded, and intimidates the men around her? Maybe.

She's like the ultimate chicness inspiration. 

Minus the puppy killing.

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