Friday, August 2, 2013

Queen Bees: Rose McGowan in Jawbreaker

"She was like satan in heels".

I'm going through a phase of loving bitchy high school girls from the 90s. There's something so fantastic about their style.

Jawbreaker (1999) is a lot like Heathers when it comes to the plot (though not as good), but maybe more like Clueless when it comes to the style (though also not as good). There are lots of bright colours, short skirts, awkward-length tops, hilarious sunglasses, and even more hilarious hairstyles. It's pretty genius like that.

Courtney (a.k.a. Rose McGowan), the main popular girl, is without a doubt the best dressed of them all. Her clothes are the shortest, tightest and most revealing. Oh, and she wears those amazing choker-necklaces which were pretty much the only good accessory to come out of the 90s. They need to make a comeback.

Actually, most of Courtney's looks need to make a comeback.

I'll start working on it.

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