Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cult Status: Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil(s)

There's something about battling zombies that requires skin-tight stylishness.

So I genuinely escaped a zombie apocalypse last night.

Alright, it may not have been a genuine zombie apocalypse, but there were a lot of actors/actresses involved who a) looked very convincing, b) ran way faster than I ever could, and c) scared the living daylights out of me.
Whilst preparing for 2.8 Hours Later, my main concern had nothing to do with tactics on how to escape the zombies (okay, maybe a little). I was more obsessed with finding the perfect outfit. Though this may sound completely shallow considering the ordeal that my group of friends and I were about to embark on, it was a legitimate concern. 

In this situation, questions arose such as:
- Do I wear my ugly gym shoes?
- Should I wear lots of layers in case it gets cold?
- What if I get too hot when running away from the zombies?
- Should I take my backpack?
- Do I own a backpack?
- Leggings or army-pants?

It was a difficult decision making time.

Eventually, I turned to Alice (a.k.a. Milla Jovovich) for inspiration. After all, she used to be a model. Through all my years of zombie-research, she has come up time and time again as the most stylish zombie-ass-kicking heroine. 

Though I was tempted to go for the classic red cami dress/black boots combination, I figured camouflage pants and converse would do the trick.

And it did. Kind of. Not really. Okay, I got caught. Once. Twice. Okay, four times.

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