Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Classic: Cameron Diaz in The Holiday

Loads of luggage, snow and a bitter attitude?
Yep, that sounds like Christmas.

For some, Christmas is about spending a peaceful, relaxing time at home with your family. For others, it's about running around airports with massive suitcases, travelling for hours to the middle of nowhere in a car to visit relatives, and taking care of whatever business you left behind last year.

My Christmas is always like the latter. It can get quite hectic.

And because it can get quite hectic, it's often necessary to make sure that your style is not influenced by all the craziness around you. If you're already stressed, do you really need the added pressure of looking like an idiot in all those holiday pictures?

That's why, for Christmas, it's good to tone your look down. Way down, actually. Think: back to basics.

If you need style inspiration for this, turn to Amanda Wood (a.k.a. Cameron Diaz) in The Holiday (2006). Her look is quite preppy, but classic and chic. Lots of white, gray and beige tones, and turtlenecks, knitwear, and jeans. 

Classic, and easy to maintain.

Note: if you stay home for the holidays, avoid this look. If you're not travelling, go for festive glamour.

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