Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Dark Approach: Rebecca Hall in The Awakening

There's nothing quite like English countryside style.

When faced with a winter such as this one - a dull, dreary, rainy one - it's important to take inspiration from characters and films that are surrounded by the same horrible weather.

Last winter, the inspiration was mainly the White Witch from The Chronicles of Narnia. After all, there was a fair amount of snow to deal with.

This time though, inspiration will come in the form of Florence Cathcart (a.k.a. Rebecca Hall) in The Awakening (2011).

Florence is a ghost-buster from the 1920s, whose wardrobe rivals that of Miss G (though nothing quite reaches the same level of stylishness). She's smart, confident and ruthless, and her style reflects her strength during a period in time when women weren't perhaps as known for these traits as they are nowadays.

Her colour-scheme is perfection as well. Earth-tones and navy coats add the ideal touch to this vintage form of power-dressing.

If it weren't for the ghosts, I would envy Florence's life.

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