Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Off/On Topic: Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" Music Video, featuring Charli XCX

Is there anyone cooler than Iggy Azalea?

The answer: As if.

Whether you like or dislike her music, that opinion has become irrefutably irrelevant, as her new music video for "Fancy" is basically a complete re-enactment of the greatest film ever: Clueless (1995).

The three-minute clip stars Iggy as Cher Horowitz, starting from her iconic scene in which she picks out her clothes for school with a computer, through to her infamous debate speech, P.E. class, lunch with Dionne and Tai, and the epic house party in the Valley.

There's even an Amber in it.

It goes without saying that the style in the video is flawless, as it is very much inspired by the film, but still retains a contemporary feel. 

If you're prepared for the greatest thing ever, please watch the video:

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