Sunday, November 2, 2014

Spotted: Lily Cole in The Moth Diaries

When you dye your hair black, 
you need to deal with the Goth-chick look that comes with it.

If you're naturally blonde, ginger, or even a light-shaded brunette, dying your hair black (or even dark brown) will have massive consequences to your everyday wardrobe decisions.

How can you go to classes/the store/work dressed normally? It's a dead giveaway that you've just dyed your hair and don't know what you're doing with it. If you're pale, with black hair, it's pretty much mandatory to channel a Gothic look.

Take Ernessa (Cole) in The Moth Diaries (2011). The film may be painfully mediocre, but at least Ernessa is there to give you style tips on how to work the non-Goth-Goth-look.

Let's review:

1) Stick to the basics; whilst she may have to wear a uniform at boarding school, the crisp white shirt paired with a navy cardigan provides just enough Goth-chick influence without making you look as if you're going to an Evanescence concert.

2) A parka should really be your only coat of choice.

3) Knits are your best friends.

However, an all out Goth-look can be quite fun, especially if you want to make people feel a little uncomfortable around you. For the best results, team your look with a "who's that creepy girl sitting in the corner all by herself?"-attitude.

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