Sunday, November 11, 2012

Americana: Dick

Yeah, that's what I thought too. But it's true: there's actually a movie called Dick (1999), starring Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst, which isn't Rated X. Funny, huh?

I saw this once when I was fourteen or so and I remember quite enjoying it as one of those silly/girly movies, but I hadn't really thought about it more since then. It wasn't until the Obama-election fever had spread over the Atlantic (mainly via Twitter) that I started thinking about American presidents and their portrayal in movies. I'm quite sure Nixon, JFK, and Lincoln are the most popular, sometimes for serious films and other times for just plain awesome films (Frost/Nixon vs. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter). But has any film actually ever mastered combining an American president AND some serious stylishness?

The answer is: yes, Dick.

Vintage Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst, wearing vintage-style clothes in the White House, during the 1970s.

Love. It.

P.S. Bobby was another stylish, politically-charged film, but it wasn't about a president. It was about his brother and he was only a senator. So even though I loved the looks in it, it doesn't really count (Sorry Robert Kennedy. I still love your family).

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  1. Excellent, hilarious film--watching on tvnow!in awe with the fashion--some classic, timeless styles feautured, loved the plaids & jumpers-very polished! Hairdos were clean cut; not the greasy,stringy, and icky stuff that was "in". Soundtrack is far out and took me back to grade school!


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