Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Inspiration: Grace Kelly in Rear Window

Nothing could, nor should, keep a woman from her fashion magazines.

Grace Kelly is such an inspiration. Not only was she fabulous beyond belief, but her character, Lisa Carol Fremont in Rear Window (1954), is also fabulous.

She is a little bit problematic, I suppose, considering her apparent dependency on an emotionally unreliable older gentleman (L.B. Jefferies, a.k.a. James Stewart). However, being the socialite that she is, she refuses to give up her love of fashion for him. Even when he clearly does not give a toss, she goes on and on about the latest Paris fashion shows and always proudly shows off her ensembles. As she should.

In the end, when 'Jeff' finally decides that she is a worthwhile companion, she is pretending to be reading a travel-book about the Himalayas. When she realises he's asleep, she puts the silly book down and picks up Harper's Bazaar. Yes.

No one should ever try to convince a woman that a love for fashion is frivolous. 

Especially a man.

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