Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wasted Potential: Isla Fisher in Now You See Me

Magicians should always dress up, not down.

I cannot remember the last time I've been so torn about the style in a film.

Henley Reeves (a.k.a. Isla Fisher) is a former magician's assistant, now working solo and performing pretty daring tricks. When she joins the boys and becomes one of the "Four Horsemen", she kind of starts dressing like the boys. 

The costume she wears in the beginning of the film (above) is something you would expect the magician's female assistant to wear. It was pretty awesome though. When we meet her later, she wears a black blazer and a matching skirt, dress or pants.

Now. This is why I'm torn: I cannot decide whether or not it's a good thing that she goes for the blazer. On one hand, performing in sparkly attire whilst the men wear suits would make her look like she is just an assistant, not an equal. 

On the other hand, why would wearing something more elaborate automatically make her look like an assistant? If one of the male magicians decided to dress up in a purple suit, it is highly unlikely anyone would mistake him for an assistant.


I may be overthinking this actually. The fact that they all wear something similar is more than likely meant to indicate that they are a team, and their collective look is probably meant to portray an air of professionalism, so as not to distract from the illusion.

But still. She's a magician. Her style was just okay.

Loved the gloves though.

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