Monday, November 4, 2013

Spotted: Gemma Ward in The Great Gatsby

Ex-quasi-supermodel/aspiring actress:
my favourite kind of cameo. 

Gemma Ward is only in the latest rendition of The Great Gatsby for less than ten seconds, but I feel like her presence helped take the film that much closer to sheer cinematic/styletastic greatness. 

I almost jumped out of my seat when I spotted Gemma at the cinema, though I seemed to be the only one. When I started asking my friends around me: "Oh my gosh, did you see who that was?!", and my friends replied, "No, who?" "Gemma Ward!" "Who?"

Gemma never disappoints, and she seems to love popping up in random films

Fingers crossed for more of these in the future.

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  1. "Gemma Ward!" "Who?" hahahaha. I consider Gemma a true supermodel though, the last supermodel of all time, actually :(


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