Monday, November 4, 2013

The Inspiration: Jessica Chastain in The Help

Bright colours and glamour have gone into hibernation. 

Consider this both an Ode and a Farewell to summer fashion.

Gone are the days that you could go outside sans a coat and woolly scarf. Gone are the days that you could wear an ultra-feminine floral sundress, sunglasses and kitten heels, thinking you look like Dita von Teese (even though you could never get the look quite right). From now on, if you want to wear a skirt, you must also wear thick tights. And thick socks. And gloves. And a hat. You must also carry around a massive bag wherever you go, just in case it's too warm and you have to take your sweater off. 

Oh, summer, you and the style you bring along with you will be missed. The 60's-housewife look can only be pulled off during the summer. 

Which is why we should look to Celia Foote (a.k.a. Jessica Chastain) for inspiration. She is a constant reminder of that wonderful summer style. Even though it always seemed sunny and warm in The Help (2011), during these cold and dreary months, we must remember that summer will come again. You will be able to sit on the grass (though not in the sun. Under the shade of a tree) and take off your shoes and read a book. 

Summer style will happen again. Only another seven months to go.

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