Sunday, December 1, 2013

Teenage Rebellion: Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body

"She's actually evil. Not high school evil."

Remember the days when all you needed was a hoodie and a pair of jeans to wear to school, and you still considered yourself stylish?

Ignorance really was bliss.

I've recently been considering the fashion choices made in teen-flicks, particularly those of the 00's. It really was all about denim jeans/skirts/shorts/jackets and colourful tops, wasn't it? Youth is always so innocent, even when it's evil.

Case in point: Jennifer in Jennifer's Body (2009). Megan Fox's character is possibly the most un-stylish person ever, but she's also the hottest girl in her school. Does this just mean that hot girls don't need to put as much effort into dressing as less well-endowed girls do?

Let's hope not. If anything, there should be more pressure on the pretty girls.

Maybe they'll begin to learn, little by little, that fashion needs to be represented well, starting from the teenage years.

Possessed or not.

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