Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Psycho Chic: Michelle Williams in Shutter Island

For a 1950s' housewife, a complete psychotic breakdown must occur
when wearing a floral dress.

Do you ever feel like a housewife from the '50s? Everything is seemingly alright, your life is fine, you have a nice dress... But for some reason you feel trapped and on the brink of a mental breakdown?

Maybe it's just the fact that you're bored with your uneventful life?

Dolores (Michelle Williams) may have been a tad crazy, but in a strange way, I can relate to her. There's very little satisfaction to be had from a constant, repetitive routine.

It's time to shake things up.

On a side note: Shutter Island (2010) is yet another amazing Martin Scorsese film to exhibit the artistic talent of Sandy Powell. Others include The Wolf of Wall Street and The Aviator. What an amazing duo.

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