Saturday, June 15, 2013

Spotted: Rita Ora in Fast & Furious 6

There's something about fast cars that demands revealing attire.

Don't you love it when fashionable celebrities make mini-cameos in unpredictable films? I sure do. I call it "Spotted".

The whole Fast & Furious franchise has never been particularly associated with stylishness, but honestly, I don't understand why not. The hyper-sexualised skirts/dresses/shorts that all the extras wear may be extremely slutty, but that's all part of the story: fast cars, fast (to undress) women. Many of their looks are better not worn out in public, but elements of them can be taken as inspiration.

Same goes for Rita Ora. 

Her outfit for the twenty-second cameo may be a little... naked, but it's definitely cool. 

Check out Rita's full cameo and stylish ensemble (it's worth a watch):

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