Monday, June 17, 2013

Fashion Fail: Frances Ha

There are very few things that bother me as much as people
who think they're too cool to care about the way they dress.

I feel like this has kind of become a trend nowadays, popular mostly among mid- to late-twenty something pseudo-intellectuals: "I think, therefore I don't own a mirror and have never worn anything remotely flattering." They wear the same clothes they've had since they were fourteen (and didn't have a sense of style back then either), and only buy new ones from charity shops when the old ones have become completely moth-eaten. 

It's ridiculous. No, as a matter of fact, I find it insulting. Who says you can't be a cool and interesting free-thinker who knows how to dress well? Just because I love fashion, doesn't mean I don't have a brain. I like fashion because I'm artistic. Hipsters don't call painters and artists shallow for appreciating aesthetics. So shh.

What a rant.

This movie is hilarious and I love it, but I hate what they wear. I don't believe that all twenty-somethings in Brooklyn dress this badly.

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