Thursday, November 22, 2012

Top Ten: Fashionable Sisters

It's Thanksgiving and I think everyone should take the time to be thankful for one thing in particular: sisters.

Even if you don't have a fabulous sister of your own (like I do), you can be thankful for all the fashionable sisters out there, whether they are actresses, models, singers, designers or some/all of the above. Here are my top ten:

#10: Paris and Nicky Hilton
If this was five years ago, the Hilton heiresses would probably be at number one, but since they've grown out of their party-girl ways, I'll give them last place. They made the top ten however because they're still quite cool and stylish.

#9: Joan and Jackie Collins
Though these two probably peaked in the '80s, they're still the most stylish sisters over the age of 60 (not just famous ones). My sister and I will hopefully be this fabulous in 40-50 years.

#8: Sasha and Malia Obama
The most fashionable First Sisters in history. They also get major points for having a really cool dad and a seriously stylish mom.

#7: Monica and Penelope Cruz
Sisters so stylish and pretty that Mango used both of them in their campaign.

#6: Peaches and Pixie Geldof
Without a doubt, the most cool and trendy sisters on this list. Then again, with names like those, how could they not be?

#5: Solange and Beyoncé Knowles
Not only stylish, but seriously talented. Even though B is undoubtedly the more famous one, I can't imagine that they would ever argue about that. They seem too tight for that. I wonder if Solange is part of B's and their mom Tina's clothing line, House of Deréon

#4: Mary-Kate, Elizabeth and Ashley Olsen
The only real triple-threat I can think of in Hollywood/New York. Whilst the twins have given up Hollywood and focused on fashion design, they are seriously supportive of younger sister Elizabeth and her acting-career (they named one of their brands after her and their brother - Elizabeth and James - and she, in turn, shows her support by wearing many of the twins' designs on the red carpet).

#3: Sienna and Savannah Miller
Even though they had to quit their fabulous clothing brand Twenty8Twelve earlier this year, they've still managed to hold onto their major fashion-credibility by remaining true trendsetters. 

#2: Poppy and Cara Delevingne
These British models have been taking over the catwalks and covers of magazines in recent years, but they've just become cooler and cooler with each passing day.

#1: Elle and Dakota Fanning
Ah, these two. Undoubtedly the cutest sister act in Hollywood, not only are they great actresses, but they take some serious fashion risks, which usually pays off. They're sweet, blonde and stylish. Love them.

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