Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Inspiration: Eva Green in Cracks

A horrible realization hit me: I will become a teacher.

Well, it's not too horrible. I've always kind of liked the idea of being a teacher, though I could only handle teenagers. Any younger and they're too energetic - any older, they're smarter than me. Impressionable, yet thinking minds. That's what I would want.

Also, I could only teach literature.

I'd quite like to be like Miss G in Cracks (2009). She's smart, adventurous, she smokes, she's super stylish, but most importantly: totally psycho.

Thus, when I finally decide to give up on my dream of becoming a prominent horror film-writer, I will teach. When I do, I'll need a killer wardrobe.

Essentials for my future wardrobe as a teacher:

- Lots of tweed (duh).
- Lots of gray.
- Vintage head-pieces (hats and scarves).
- Killer dresses.
- Comfortable heels.
- Trench coat.
- Men's shirts and a tie.
- Cigarette holder (even if I don't smoke).

I'm starting to get on board with my future already.


Was it stylish for you?